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Fastest Way to 99 Mining in Runescape

Fastest Way to 99 Mining in Runescape

By: Rebecca | Sep 28, 2009 | 408 words | 1567 views
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The guide that shows you the fastest way to 99 Mining. Mining can be a very boring skill to train due to it being very repetitive. Though if you achieve 99 and get the cape, it's one of the greatest achievements that Runescape players will find really cool.

You may be thinking that after looking at skill calculators and seeing the number of ore you will have to mine will take forever to complete. Though there is a much faster way. There is still loads to mine but can be done very quickly. (Except for free users, there is a separate guide for you)

Free Users:

Requirements: (A Pic-axe which you can wield and is the highest kind of pic-axe you can use for you level.

Levels 1 – 15: Mine copper and tin. The best place to mine is south east of varrock. Only mine here if you intend of keeping what you mine as it is very crowded and is very competitive on who gets the ore first. If you want a quite place where you're not bothered about collecting ore go to either Rimmington or the Dwarfen mines. Rimmington is the quietest though Dwarfen mines are closest to a bank.

Levels 15- 30: Now mine iron. The best places to mine are in the same places as I had states before.

Levels: 30 – 60: Mine coal. It is very competitive on getting the ore again. Best places can be like barbarian village or if you dare… the Wilderness.

Levels: 60 – 99: You now a high enough level to go into the mining guild. The fastest way is to stay there and keep mining coal till 99.


Levels: 1 – 45: Much the same as free users though when mining coal and iron, the best place to mine is East of Ardougne.

Level: 45- 99: This is the fastest Mining exp in game and its mining granite. Granite respawns and is mined as fast as iron so can be mined at a very quick pace. If you gt a large piece of Granite you get 75 exp, medium 60exp and small 50 exp. Granite is found in the southern part of the desert. Near to where you start Enakhras's Lament Quest. Using this method you can get upward to 50K runescape gold exp an hour which is as fast as you can get. It estimates to around 260 hours work to get 99 Mining which is quite long but quicker than mining ore.

Good Luck!

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Fastest Way to 99 Mining in Runescape

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