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"File I386 Ntkrnlmp.Exe Could Not Be Loaded" - Repair it Now !

"File I386 Ntkrnlmp.Exe Could Not Be Loaded" - Repair it Now !

By: Michael Golbraich | Jan 10, 2010 | 383 words | 1489 views
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Among the many potential glitches or hassles with Personal computers is getting a file i386 ntkrnlmp.exe error, just like that, with nothing to warn you that anything's wrong. If you're not a whiz with computers, the most frustrating part is that you don't know who to call or how to go about fixing it. In my next few paragraphs I'll let you in on a state-of-the-art technology that will allow you to very easily take care of these troubles.

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What the average user does in such situation is either search the web for a while, desperate for immediate help with the problem, or hire the services of a computer technician. First of all, you can take care of this without a computer expert - you can easily save all that extra expense. Let me explain what's causing these errors, and what you will need to do to fix this and other issues.

In most cases when your PC 'suffers' from a file i386 ntkrnlmp.exe error, there is a good chance that there's a conflict having to do with your pc's registry. In everyday english, the registry system is among the most complex and significant areas of the windows os. It is responsible for tracking all of your computer software and hardware installations, updates, and removals. The improper removal of a program, as one illustration, might just corrupt the registry. An effect of a malfunctioning registry is a situation where windows can't find the exact location of an .exe file for a program you want to work with - it is at this point that might start seeing these troubles.

Ok, now that you understand what is causing this trouble and why it can result in a file i386 ntkrnlmp.exe error, allow me to share the details of a great application that will fix it for you. In a case like this, you simply need to use a registry cleaner - these are made specifically for this problem and will do a complete scan and fix the contaminated windows registry with little effort on your part. I recommend that you download and install one of these; you'll have the opportunity to scan your registry for free and do away with these errors once and for all - very easily.

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Quickly scan and repair a file i386 ntkrnlmp.exe error right now!


"File I386 Ntkrnlmp.Exe Could Not Be Loaded" - Repair it Now !

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