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Get it Right with the Datacard SP25 Plus Printer

Get it Right with the Datacard SP25 Plus Printer

By: Daisy Mccarty | Jan 10, 2010 | 493 words | 558 views
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The Datacard SP25 printer makes it easy to keep ID badge information current without the hassle of buying and issuing more cards every time you need to make a change. Instead, this model uses thermal technology to erase and reprint the same cards as many times as needed. This rewrite capability makes it possible to establish and manage a unique enrollment program. Not only can encoded data on a mag stripe be updated, but the printed image and text can also be changed at any time.

How Does Rewriting Work?

When the "ink" in the thermo-sensitive layer of the card surface reaches a specific temperature, it turns transparent or "invisible". Then, as the SP 25 printhead passes over the card once more, it forms a new image. It does this by creating a detailed pattern of heated dots at the correct temperature to reactivate the "ink" and turn it darker again. Photos, text, logos, and edge-to-edge backgrounds can all be wiped out and rewritten in this way. The entire process takes less than 13 seconds to complete. This thermal layer doesn't wear out easily - you can continue to erase and reprint each card up to 500 times.

Why Choose This Datacard Printer?

Unlike other brands that offer rewrite capabilities, this unit offers the ability to print full color images on the reverse side of the card. This means you can place your company logo (or other artwork) in color on the back and the monochrome photo ID on the front. The badge can then be erased and reissued to a new visitor, contractor, or employee as needed. Or, you can use the full color side to print the photo ID and reserve the rewriteable side for data that changes more frequently. This is a popular option in educational environments where class schedules can be changed over time. Patient appointments, customer reward points, and library book due dates are other types of information that can be quickly updated using this method.

Standard Features

The Datacard SP25 Plus comes with the same user friendly features available on other printers from this manufacturer. This includes a print driver that communicates through a bi-directional USB cable to keep you updated on job status. You can preview each badge in color before printing and adjust the intensity and color from your PC. Online help is available and the printer can also self-diagnose errors so they are easy to fix. The print path is accessible, making it simple to clean and maintain the equipment in good condition. A 2 year unlimited pass warranty is included at no additional charge.

Options for the SP25 Plus

High and low coercivity magnetic stripe cards can be issued using the optional mag stripe encoding module. Such additional data management capabilities allow you to store gift card values for point of sale transactions. It also makes time clock and facility access solutions inexpensive and simple to administer. This model can even be equipped with an all-in-one contact and contactless smart card reader.

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Get it Right with the Datacard SP25 Plus Printer

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