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How to Fix a Parse Error

How to Fix a Parse Error

By: Amit Mehta | Jan 10, 2010 | 394 words | 2111 views
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Fixing a parse error depends on the type of error encountered and what program was running at the time.  These tips will help you address your particular parse error and provide ideas on how to solve various other computer errors as well, increasing speed and efficiency on your PC.

Parse Defined

The term parse comes from the Latin word for part of speech.  In computer lingo, parsing refers to checking code for syntax errors such leaving out end brackets or something similar.  A parse error, then, refers to an error in the code of a program or one of its components.  Delving into basic programming with programs such as Microsoft Silverlight or adding small amounts of code to blogs would be the place an average person might experience a parse error.

Another common parse error can occur when attempting to install Windows XP from a CD.  The user will try to run the CD, the timer will get to about 39 minutes left on installation, and then an error with the words "Manifest Parse error: Invalid at top level of document" appears and installation is unable to complete.

Parse Repaired

To fix the first type of error, inspect your code carefully to make sure that all lines end with a semicolon ( ; ) and that anything that has a beginning bracket or colon has an ending on, as per the appropriate programming language.  For simple blogging code, one blogger has even developed an application that will make code "posting friendly."

For the second type of parse error, this is caused by a corrupted CONTROLS.MAN file on the Windows XP Installation CD.  To fix this error, Microsoft suggests reordering the installation CD.  Another way to get around this problem is to copy a correct version of the corrupted file and burn a new CD using the new version.  Detailed instructions to perform this fix can be found by searching for "manifest parse error."

Other Types of Registry Errors

A parse error in conjunction with other error messages may be a signal that the computer requires registry maintenance.  Most computer errors are caused by corrupted registry entries, similar to the way a parse error has been caused by a corrupted file.  Learn about the quickest ways to increase parse errors, and PC speed and efficiency will increase.  Taking care of a parse error will take seconds instead of hours after performing thorough registry maintenance.

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How to Fix a Parse Error

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