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Why Computers And Laptops Keep Restarting And Turning Off

Why Computers And Laptops Keep Restarting And Turning Off

By: taamiv | Feb 18, 2010 | 551 words | 675 views
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One might have experienced shutting down the computer and then getting surprised by it rebooting. Automatic shutdown and automatic restart are part of the Windows recovery settings. Windows will automatically restart whenever it encounters a fatal error. The cause may be because of software or driver incompatibility, a BIOS problem or a change in the recovery settings. It maybe also possible that Windows had just updated automatically and usually needs a restart for the installed updates to work.

A computer or lap top shut down is called system freeze. It’s not the old models only that have problem of freezing and turning off but even relatively newer ones may shut off if something goes wrong. One will only think about the common causes of problems. A hardware defect is the usual cause of the problem. Even while the lap top constantly turns on because of a software defect, its operating system interferes in the way of the basic processes and sometimes the software crashes the operating system.

Windows XP has Microsoft’s Help and Support pages that restart problems. Different tips are offered for help. If any of the system failure settings have not been changed, the error can be checked by looking in to the Event Log. A better long-term solution is to turn off the automatic reboot so the error can be actually seen when it happens. There are chances that it will tell enough about itself to help the user to troubleshoot further.

Software incompatibility can be a cause of the problem. It is the most common cause of a fatal error. It can take a long time to troubleshoot this kind of problem and will require lots of patience from the user. To trace the problem like any problem solving process, the first step is to retrace one’s steps. Anything changed or added has to be checked. A solution for this is to keep the software programs updated. These programs often have automatic updates and will install patches and new versions into the computer. All what one needs is a strong internet connection.

If the problem is because of BIOS, a computer motherboard may have a feature in the BIOS that allows another PC to “wake up” the computer once connected to a local area network. This Wol or “Wake on LAN” feature does not depend on the operating system although the operating system can sometimes control the behavior of WoL. It is better to enable Wake on LAN in the Power Management section in BIOS setup utility of a PC motherboard. Laptops that are powered by the Intel 3945 chip set or with explicit BIOS support may be woken up using wireless network connection. This is called Wake on Wireless LAN (WoW LAN).

If new programs have been installed recently, it has to be checked if the steps instructed were correctly followed. Sometimes people miss a step or neglect to follow some out of impatience. It may result that some system files that were needed for the program to run correctly were not installed.

If a laptop suddenly shuts off, the user can do some basic things like checking the hard drive, the heat, sudden power surge and software censor. Hopefully the problem will be solved but if the basic tips are of no help then it is better to get a professional help.

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Why Computers And Laptops Keep Restarting And Turning Off

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